Top Tips To Fix Your Lawn During A Summer Drought In Dallas, TX

Top Tips To Fix Your Lawn During A Summer Drought In Dallas, TX

With summer coming, the possibility of drought is 50:50. It can happen anytime so it’s best to be prepared rather than be surprised. As expected, summer will come with high temperatures and harsh conditions which can easily stress your lawn. If drought occurs as well, then there’ll be a need for more lawn care effort than usual. Here at GoMow Lawn Mowing, Dallas, TX, we want the best for your lawn all year round.

This post discusses the top tips to fix your lawn during a summer drought in Dallas, TX for homeowners in this area. Typically, the Dallas area experiences hot temperatures which means irrigation or some other watering strategy has to be in place.

It often helps to have an arrangement with a lawn care service in Dallas, TX to care for your lawn due to their experience and resource availability.

Below are the best tips to tackle summer drought on your Dallas lawn yard!

  1. Have an irrigation system installed on your lawn

    This particular tip goes without saying due to the simple fact that an irrigation system will provide adequate hydration on your lawn on demand whenever it’s needed. Lawn maintenance in Dallas can help with the installation process so everything works to the letter.

  2. Water at the right time and in the right volume

    Watering should be done at the right time when absorption would be highest. Usually, this time of the day is in the mid mornings and late afternoons when the temperature is not too hot or cold. This timing sweet spot will ensure that your lawn gets to absorb as much moisture as possible.

    Introduce water once a week to keep things balanced. Watering should be deep without flooding the lawn yard completely. A rule of thumb is to keep the water level to about 2 inches above the soil surface. When grass is watered this way, its roots develop deeper into the soil in search of water and the grass develops more resistance to dryness.

  3. Pick a drought-resistant species of grass

    Some grass species are definitely more tolerant of drought than others. These grass species will survive the harshest drought conditions and still thrive when water is finally available. Check with your local lawn care in Dallas about the best grass type for droughts in your area.

    Typical examples of drought-resistant grass species include Buffalo grass, Zoysia grass, Fescue species among others.

    Please ensure that you carry out your due diligence before settling for any particular grass species. Look out for grass types that are indigenous to the area as they turn out to be the best choice. The science behind this is this – any grass that grows naturally and thrives in the area would definitely do well in adverse conditions too.

  4. Test the quality of your soil for consistency and form

    Healthy soil will certainly help your lawn grass survive the effects of drought better than poor soil.

    For one, healthy soil will most likely retain moisture more which is essential to grass development. Secondly, healthy soil usually contains the rich nutrients and proper consistency that keeps grass tough for longer periods.

    Get a soil care company offers that lawn maintenance in Dallas to test your soil, find out if there are problems, treat these problems and keep your soil healthy.

  5. Mow higher than normal

    Summer drought puts a lot of pressure on your lawn. Therefore, it’s important to only cut higher so as to retain more moisture in the soil. This height should be about above 2 or 3 cm just to keep things in good shape. Communicating to your lawn mowing service on your preference and implementation will not be a problem.

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  6. Reduce human activity or foot traffic on the lawn

    While it’s great to be on the lawn in summer, constant foot traffic can do more harm than good. Foot traffic in excess will stress the lawn due to pressure from weighted feet. Keep traffic to a minimum while removing heavy objects from the lawn too. Cars, machinery, and other large items that can press down and stifle the lawn should be taken away.

Summer time is a beautiful time to enjoy your lawn, however, care must be taken to manage and eliminate the effects of drought. If you need assistance with professional grass cutting that looks and feels great, we are your plug!