Tips to give an aesthetic appeal to your Lawn

Tips To Give An Aesthetic Appeal To Your Lawn

The warm season has already arrived and it is time to enjoy its beautiful lawn. If you take care of your lawn properly, it will be green and lustrous at all times, and it will undoubtedly be the envy of the whole neighbourhood. To keep your Lawn healthy and simply appealing, we’ve created a list of important things that you need to follow:


Regular lawn mowing is particularly important as it increases the grass density.

GoMow – Lawn Mowing Services provides the frequent mowing with a lower cutting rate is often better than a few mowing cycles with a large cutting quantity. Change the directions and patterns of each mowing process so that the grass is not always pressed in the same direction. In every mowing service, the rule of thumb is “one should short the stalk by about half to two thirds, to about five centimetres” and Premier lawn Care Dallas follows the same rule.


The grass loses nutrients which must be returned to the lawn in order to ensure its maximum growth.

So one should fertilize from the beginning of spring to your lawn every four or five weeks. Nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus are the essential nutrients for the plant. In your garden centre you will get ready-made fertilizers with the most important nutrients for your lawn. The grass loses nutrients which must be returned to the lawn in order to ensure its maximum growth. In your garden centre you will get ready-made fertilizers with the most important nutrients for your lawn.


The spring is suitable for giving new energy to the lawn. The lawn is not only aerated by scarifying, but also the formation of moss and felted lawns are absorbed. Individual roots of the blades of grass are also intersected thereby stimulating new growth. Scarification can be done by hand with a rake-like device with knife chopping, or less welding with an electric scarifier. These can be borrowed, for example, in hardware stores. When crocheting, you should consider the following:

  • Only quite dry lawn can be well-groomed – wait for two days after a rain!
  • The lawn can be freshly mowing to a length of 4 cm.
  • The grass is scribed – not to be torn open – a depth of 2 mm is sufficient
  • Longitudinally and transversely, to form a grid on the lawn
  • Remain the bald spots and water the lawn well after the scarification so that it can recover
  • In the spring it is necessary to fertilize the lawn after the scarification
  • If you have a felty lawn, you can keep it vertical several times a year.


For a green and succulent lawn, adequate irrigation is indispensable.

How often you need to irrigate your lawn depends on temperature and humidity. A newly laid lawn must usually be irrigated daily, so that the seeds can begin to germinate and a solid root braid can form. Nowadays the irrigation of a lawn can be accomplished without great problems. Lawn Mowing Texas can irrigate your garden by hand, semi-automatic or fully automatic. The Lawn Mowing Services care includes moving and fixed irrigation solutions as well as pumps and irrigation controls.

Weed control:

With perseverance and the right technique, you can win the fight against weeds on your lawn.

As weeds sprout, we must fight it with a method of weed control in the strict sense. To do this, chemical weed killers or weed killers are the most widely used agents, probably because they are practical and fast. Nowadays, chemical products, so-called weed killers, enable efficient weed control without the danger to humans and the environment. In addition, there are various means for the weed control agents adapted to the various types of weed control (e.g. selective weed control or non-selective, i.e. total weed kill).

Watering dry lawns – it’s not just the quantity that matters:

Maintain your lawn balanced by means of fertilizers, sands and limestone’s, completes extensive watering carefully. A green lawn will be lost and, if you do not water it well. The following guidelines may serve as a guide:

  • In summer drought, blow the lawn.
  • Never irrigate the lawn under the sun.
  • Usually pour water in the early morning or late evening.

Additional tips

  • It is best to fertilize directly before a rain shower. Then the rain ensures that the nutrients are quickly available to the lawn. Otherwise you can water the area after fertilization, so that the fertilizer can also work.
  • If you want care of your lawn or garden, we recommend that you do not straighten them. Because our Lawn Mowing Texas provides a dense, green lawn without moss and weeds.