Planting: How To Use Your Planting Zone For Landscaping Success In Texas For 2022

Planting: How To Use Your Planting Zone For Landscaping Success In Texas For 2022

The planting zone that your land is on can determine your landscaping success or failure. As a matter of fact, if you haven’t experienced a lot of progress while growing your plants in your space, your planting zone could just be the cause of this failure.

Lawn owners who have tried everything possible to have a successful landscape but have failed to do so should look to this potential cause of it. Giving up on lawn care services or landscaping isn’t the way out. The answer is to find out what planting zone you’re in then find a plan that works great for you.

So how do you find your planting zone to ensure that your local grass cutting service delivers the best lawn care to your lawn yard?

In the article below, we have discussed the exact steps on how to use your planting zone for landscaping success in Texas for 2022.

Read on to learn them:

Find out where your zone is

At this point, learning where your zone falls into is the first step to leveraging it for landscaping success. A planting zone is the best place where a plant will grow best.

North America has 11 numbered planting zones and every plant falls under a zone. Planting a tropical plant in a sub-arctic region is a recipe for disaster. It will simply not work regardless of the expertise or experience of the lawn maintenance service hired for this.

Zone 1 describes the coldest parts of North America where only a few plants can actually grow. The Zone 1 area covers Northern Canada and Alaska. Zone 11 covers the hot southern parts of Mexico where only heat-tolerant plants can grow. Any mismatch of plants in the wrong zone will lead to planting failure.

It’s advisable to use a Plant Hardiness Zone Map to determine where’s best for your landscaping activities.

Why Zones Can Make a Difference

Planting zones are the first determinant of a plant doing well when planted. By using the Plant Hardiness Zone Map, it can be determined with relative ease if a plant type will grow best in an area or not due to the prevailing weather, climatic and geographical conditions there. For greater success, while planting your grass and other landscaping plants, take planting zones seriously.

What a Planting Zone Cannot Do

Knowing your Planting Zone makes a lot of difference in your landscaping success. At the very least, you’d know which plants work best in a certain region and at the worst, you’d know what you shouldn’t do. However, it’s important to note that a Planting Zone isn’t a panacea for all lawn and landscape problems.

Planting Zone information will not work if there is a micro-climate in your area. Micro-climates are like smaller climates within a climatic region. For instance, a cool-weather grass growing in a region might not grow in a smaller area of that same region if it has a different micro-climate. It can be likened to a desert that doesn’t support green plants but has an oasis where you find green plants.

In another instance, the specific nature of a local area can affect the performance of a plant even if the Planting Zone is spot on. Things like soil Ph level, moisture, wind, exposure to the sun, topography, etc can affect the Planting Zone. When this happens, a plant that should normally grow well in a zone will do badly instead. It happens, unfortunately.

Using Planting Zones Successfully for Your Landscaping Success in Texas in 2022

While it’s important to know that Planting Zones aren’t a wholesome solution to landscaping problems, it’s important to know exactly how to leverage the information it provides correctly. To do this properly, we encourage lawn owners or people interested in landscape design to liaise with their local online lawn care or landscaping specialists. With this professional assistance, it will be far easier to pick the right plants that can grow best in your microclimate.

Whether you’re searching online for ‘lawn mowing services near me’ or following the recommendations of friends, family, or acquaintances, one thing is certain – using professional help will save you a lot of time and mistakes.

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