Lawn Care Tips in San Antonio 2020 – Lawn mowing, Blowing, Edging, Weed eating

Lawn Care Tips In San Antonio 2020 – Lawn Mowing, Blowing, Edging, Weed Eating

Adequate lawn care in San Antonio can be a bit tasking if you’re new to it. Unless you’re deeply experienced in professional lawn care, we advise leaving this activity to experts who are in the business of caring for lawns and landscapes.

The important tips to note when it comes to lawn care tips in San Antonio in 2020 comprises activities like lawn mowing, blowing, edging, and weeding. In this post, we have gone ahead to discuss them in greater detail.

  1. Know your topography

    The first step into caring for your lawn is to the lay of your land and what grows best on it. Several grass types do great in San Antonio but when it comes down to it, the grass species that grows on your lawn depends on your preference.

    The popular grass types include Bermuda grass, Buffalo grass, Zoysia grass, and St. Augustine grass. Anyone of these would be great in your yard but each has different features and needs. Usually, San Antonio lawn care services will advise that you pick a type, learn more about it and stick to it.

  2. Lawn mowing

    Regular lawn mowing is necessary to keep your lawn in good shape and health. Unfortunately, many homeowners take lawn mowing for granted. It’s either they do not do it regularly or it’s done poorly.

    Lawn mowing should be carried out at least once every week to keep things in control. Again, this will depend on how fast your lawn grass grows. If the cost will be a problem, negotiating with a lawn care company to offer an affordable retainer service plan might be the way to go.

    Mowing should be done in accordance with the standard mowing procedure of cutting only one-third of the grass length. The ideal figure is between 2 and 3.75 inches which are neither too high nor too low for the grass to protect and shade the soil, reduce water evaporation, and choke off competitive weeds.

  3. Blowing

    When there is an excess of falling leaves, debris, or cut grass, blowing is the solution to clearing them on a large scale. Mechanical blowers are not common lawn care tools but any professional lawn maintenance service that knows their business should own one.

    With blowing, clearing out dead grass and leaves becomes easier, leaving your lawn yard to be less cluttered and healthier.

  4. Edging

    Edging helps give your lawn yard an extra appeal by defining the look and feel. With edging, your lawn and landscape can finally look orderly and well-cared for. Edging requires more effort and expertise than most other lawn care tips but if you want an orderly lawn yard, consider edging as a tip you must add to your lawn care routine. If you’re planning to edge your lawn yard, work with a professional lawn maintenance service in San Antonio.

  5. Weed eradication

    Weeds are bound to encroach into your lawn yard at one point or another. It’s the way of things and can happen even with dedicated San Antonio lawn care from you. Carry out weed eradication as soon as you notice the growth before it spreads through your lawn.

    Common but effective ways of beating weeds include manual removal by hand, planting thick-growing grass that cut off competition, and the use of topical organic weed eaters. If concerned about the best approach to eradicating weed from your lawn, consult your local lawn care company to help with suggestions.

  6. Water the lawn regularly

    The place of watering can’t be emphasized enough as far as lawn care is concerned. Without adequate watering, the lawn grass will most likely not grow to its optimal state. Water can be done either through a sprinkler irrigation system installed on the lawn or by manually dispersing water via a watering pipe or can.

    To avoid unnecessary loss of water due to evaporation, watering should be done when the temperature of the environment is low.

    The ideal time is in the mornings or late evenings before or after the sun rises or sets.

    Also, consider watering thrice a week when the heat is much and once a week during the wet season for lusher, greener grass.

  7. Fertilize accordingly

    Enriching and fortifying your lawn grass with organic nutrients contained in mulch and grass clippings will improve it better and in a more natural way compared to using chemical fertilizers or not applying any at all. Your lawn service company of choice can first inspect your lawn before offering suggestions on your best options.

    Effective lawn care tips can appear daunting at first but with the help of a lawn cutting service in San Antonio, TX, your lawn can be the beauty of your neighborhood!

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