Lawn Care Guide: Tips To Overseed Lawn In Spring In San Antonio, TX

Lawn Care Guide: Tips To Overseed Lawn In Spring In San Antonio, TX

Overseeding grass makes it possible to renew weak, old or dying lawn yards. It’s not enough to own a lawn. It’s also important that we care for it. Having a proven strategy to keep your lawn forever beautiful is essential for all homeowners. There’s no point in having a lawn yard that isn’t green, lush and healthy.

Overseeding lawn in spring entails placing new grass seed into lawn turf while taking care not to tear or damage the turf. You can get a full lawn of beautifully rich deep green by incorporating higher-quality grass species. The density of the turf can be increased and bare patches can be filled in using this method.

It’s important to note that if a lawn looks dull, bare, or old, then it obviously needs lawn overseeding. This practice needs to be carried out by a professional lawn care service for the best results. GoMow Lawn Care Service, San Antonio can help with professional lawn mowing while giving you insights on what your lawn needs to look great.

Why Overseeding is Important

Over-seeding is an essential aspect of lawn rejuvenation for lawns that show signs of wear, age, poor maintenance or disease and pest infestation. There are several benefits of overseeding grass, as you will find out below:

  1. Restores Your Lawn

    For older or worn-looking portions or patches of lawn grass, high-quality overseeding lawn in spring can offer a number of significant benefits. Overgrown weeds can take over worn-down grass. By overseeding your worn-out or sparse-appearing lawn, you can quickly and effectively return it to its prior condition of beauty and vitality.

  2. Correct Incompatible Established Lawns

    The grass varieties that were originally planted in older homes today are incompatible with the requirements of contemporary lawn use, wear, and care. These lawns are frequently afflicted with disease, pest infestations, and wear and tear since they were not appropriate for the places in which they were established. Overseeding techniques, as well as other lawn care practices, will correct these errors.

  3. Strengthens Your Lawn

    When new grass seedlings are combined with the older grass in your lawn, it strengthens it considerably. This old lawn will be able to survive any negative impacts from insects, drought and disease, excessive shade, or heavy foot or equipment traffic thanks to its new-grown, stronger grass reinforcement.

  4. Reduces Lawn Care Resource Usage

    When a lawn has been fully restored, the need to keep using sizable quantities of resources to treat it will reduce. There will be less expense on fertilizer, disease treatment, pesticide application and water. Lawn overseeding, when done right, keeps your grass healthy for long periods of time.

Overseeding Techniques You Should Know

Overseeding grass in spring can be done in 2 ways by a lawn service of your choice (provided they offer overseeding services). Both methods are effective, so it actually depends on which one is offered.

  1. Cyclone Broadcast Seeding (Drop-style seeder)

    Broadcast seeding is a procedure used to spread seedlings on your lawn yard. As the name implies, the seedlings are spread out all over the lawn. The challenge, however, is the fact that some seedlings might not land in the right spot to germinate. Grasses with a creeping growth style are the preferred option for this type of lawn overseeding.

    To implement this technique, aerate several times with aeration holes no more than two to three inches apart before broadcasting the seed. Use core-style aeration tines to remove soil plugs for optimum seed-to-soil contact. After overseeding the grass is complete, properly water the entire area to allow the seedlings to settle in.

    Applying an excessive amount of seed to your existing lawn could result in crowding when new grass seed emerges. Endeavor not to introduce too many seedlings while implementing this technique. The tougher grass shoots will live, but they can suffocate the existing grass, necessitating further overseeding.

  2. Mechanical Slit-seeding

    Many lawn companies, including services offering lawn care in San Antonio, recommend mechanical slit-seeding as an effective strategy for overseeding lawns in spring. The reason isn’t far-fetched – this method offers an excellent distribution of seedlings directly into the soil without the risk of scattering all over the place, like in the case of Broadcast seeding.

    The best slit-seeders have vertical cutting blades that cut through the thatch to make a slit or mini-groove (or small trench) in the soil. Depending on the type of grass seed you use, the depth of this tiny trench or slit shouldn’t be greater than half the length of the grass seed husk.

Tips to Overseed Lawn In Spring in San Antonio, TX

Overseeding your lawn in the spring season in San Antonio, TX, comes with several benefits we have discussed in this post. Now, how about some tips on how to get it right?

Read on:

  1. Cut your grass low

    Cut grass low and shorter before overseeding, then rake it to clear space for planting. This will help to remove twigs, leaves, dried-up grass, and trash, as well as allow the grass seed to penetrate the soil and establish roots.

  2. Tackle Any Lawn Care Issues

    It helps the new grass seedlings to grow and develop better when there aren’t any pre-existing issues before overseeding grass. Carry out aeration, dethatching, fertilization and soil dressing if needed to increase the chances of germination of the incoming new seedlings.

  3. Choose the Best Quality Seedlings

    It’s crucial to choose a grass seed that complements the existing grass on your lawn and creates new, denser lawns in sparsely populated spots. Current approaches combine grass seed, soil conditioners, and fertilizing agents to make it simple to spread over yards. Visit your local lawn store or consult lawn care in San Antonio for proper counsel on the best quality seedlings for your lawn.

  4. Overseed the Lawn

    At this point, the business of overseeding can be implemented. Follow overseeding instructions on your spreader and evenly distribute seedlings all over the lawn.

  5. Feed and water the lawn

    Your new grass lawn will require nutrients and water to establish properly. Until the seedlings reach the height of your current lawn grass, water the soil once or twice daily. You can also introduce a soil nutrient supplement to boost your soil further.

Best Grass Type for Overseeding

The type of grass you choose for lawn overseeding is dependent on the grass species on your lawn and your local climate. If you’re in a warm-season area, you will need warm-season grass. Similarly, if you’re in a cool-season area, you will need cool-season grass.

Warm-season grasses to consider

In the southern, southeastern, and southwestern United States, Bermudagrass, Bahiagrass, and Centipedegrass thrive. They can withstand high heat in the summer and sub-freezing cold in the winter.

Cool-season grasses to consider

Check out these species – Kentucky Bluegrass, Bentgrass, Perennial Ryegrass, and Fine Fescues. Some grass species can grow in mild summer temperatures and can also withstand freezing temperatures in the winter.

Your local lawn care in San Antonio can assist you in selecting the best grass seed variety for your specific location.

Conditions That Calls for Overseeding

In our experience, your lawn yard is in need of overseeding when any of these conditions are prevalent. If you notice one or more of these signs, then it’s time to overseed your grass.

  • General disregard for lawn care
  • Inadequate water supply
  • Insufficient exposure to sunlight
  • Limited air circulation
  • Erosion and soil compaction
  • Water shortages drainage
  • Soil depletion or deterioration
  • An abundance of thatch
  • Incompatible grass specie selection for a site

Final Words

Overseeding grass in spring is a great approach to improve soil compaction and erosion, as well as to remove excessive thatch from the lawn. It can be done using a mechanical slit-seeder or a cyclone or drop-style seeder. Overseeding fresh grass seed can help to cover and restore barren or sparse patches, allowing for a revitalized, lush grass lawn.

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