How to Get Rid Of Dandelions In Your Yard In San Antonio, TX?

How To Get Rid Of Dandelions In Your Yard In San Antonio, TX?

Dandelions are one of the most common plants known for producing beautiful, yellow or white flowers. As lovely as these flowers are, dandelions grow quite rapidly and can easily become pesky if not controlled. Dandelions have parachute-like seeds which are propagated by the wind. As a perennial plant, dandelion can be tough to eradicate. The best way to kill dandelions is by removing their taproot which can grow up to 18 inches completely from the soil.

It’s often best to get rid of dandelions permanently if you don’t like them in your lawn yard. The earlier this is done, the better your lawn will be for it. In this post, we have discussed the best way to get rid of dandelions naturally and through other means.

Dandelions – What are they?

Dandelions are perennial plants that usually turn up as unwanted weeds on lawn yards. This weed plant can easily become a problem if not tackled on time. Once established, dandelions will grow every year, spreading their spores all over your lawn.

What makes dandelion difficult to eliminate is its 10-inch long taproot which grows deep into the soil. If not removed fully, any remaining bits of it can lead to another outbreak of spores.

Ways to get rid of dandelions effectively

Here we have discussed the best ways to remove dandelions easily from your lawn. For San Antonio residents, hiring lawn care services in San Antonio is the way to go. When you hire professionals, you get effective results that are worth your money.

Below are some ways to get rid of dandelions:

  1. Remove by the roots

    Dandelions are best removed by pulling them out of the soil fully roots and all. This can be done by digging them up after softening the soil with water. When the soil is damp, digging becomes easier. A gardening trowel or knife is an effective tool to use for this activity. Digging is an effective way to get rid of dandelions naturally without causing harm to your other plants.

  2. Use a pre-emergent compounds

    By using a pre-emergent solution, dandelion and other pesky weeds will be eliminated before they take root in your soil. Pre-emergent solutions are best introduced into the soil before the new lawn-growing season commences. It’s recommended that early application is taken seriously for best results. Consider engaging professional help from proven lawn services for any form of chemical treatment to avoid errors.

  3. Regular mowing works

    To reduce the spread of dandelions on your lawn, consider mowing frequently. GoMow San Antonio offers quality lawn mowing that will keep your yard clean and green. Regular mowing will improve the health of the grass. The spread of dandelions can be arrested when the yellow heads of the plant are cut because then the seedlings will not develop.

  4. Introduce boiling water

    Boiling water is effective for removing dandelions. Heat up water to boiling point then pour it on the dandelion to kill it. It’s important to make sure that the water soaks the leaves down to the root system below. After a few hours, pull out the entire plant to take it out. If in doubt, contact a lawn care service like GoMow San Antonio to have your questions answered.

  5. Apply acetic acid if you can get one

    Acetic acid is effective in killing any remaining parts of any dandelion you remove from the soil. Usually, this acid is contained in vinegar but you must make sure you use gardening-grade vinegar. This form of the compound has a potent amount of acetic acid in it. You can easily leverage this process to get rid of dandelions naturally.

    To apply, wear gloves and some protective gear in order not to harm yourself. Next, pour the solution into the holes where the dandelion plants were pulled out from.

  6. Completely reseed the lawn

    One effective way to eradicate dandelions completely is by reseeding the lawn yard completely with different grass species like Zoysia. Other grass types that work really well include Tall fescue, perennial ryegrass and Bermuda grass. All these species of grass have one thing in common – they grow closer with no room to accommodate any invasion from weeds.

    Coupled with proper lawn care, reseeding will check for any attacks from dandelion plants on your property. Several lawn care services in San Antonio offer professional reseeding for lawn owners who need this service.

  7. Use of herbicides

    Herbicides provide an effective way to remove dandelions from your lawn. To use herbicides, you need to apply the compound directly on the plant. There are two herbicide types you must consider – the first option is a selective broadleaf herbicide. This option will get rid of dandelions permanently without exposing your lawn to damage in any form.

    The second option is a non-selective herbicide – this compound must be used carefully as it isn’t selective as the name implies. If used wrongly, it will harm your grass as well as the weed plant it’s intended for. Apply herbicides directly to weeds in fall season as this is the time that most plants move nutrients to their roots. Therefore, when herbicides are applied in fall, the absorption rate is higher and the toxin travels directly to the roots of the plant, killing it off effectively.

How to stop dandelions from growing again once eliminated

Dandelions pollinate quite easily for the simple fact that their flowery seed heads can be carried by the wind. Playing children, pets and birds are also agents of pollination in this regard.

Below are some simple ways to stop dandelions from growing again after initial removal:

  1. Use chemical herbicides to remove them from your lawn.
  2. Introduce corn gluten on your soil to stop any germination from taking place.
  3. Add a special mulch consisting of ash leaves and maple which is actively resistant to the growth of dandelions.
  4. Grow your grass thick, full and healthy to choke off any invasive weed plants.

In conclusion, the appearance of dandelions on your lawn doesn’t spell any gloom or doom. These flowery weeds can be eradicated with the proper implementation of the techniques stated in this post. If in need of professional assistance, we recommend hiring a reliable lawn service in San Antonio for the best results.

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