How Are Grasslands Affected by Climate Change

How Are Grasslands Affected By Climate Change

It is no longer news that our world is no longer as it used to be and we are now left to face the dangers of climate change caused mostly by our activities. An example of this is in the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides and other products containing Chlorofluorocarbon compounds all affect our atmosphere when they react with the ozone layer causing its depletion. A depleted ozone layer leads to increased exposure of the earth to the sun’s ultra violet rays. The earth’s grass lands are affected by such developments such as this and many species of grasses are going extinct because of the effect of climate change. In fact, a recent study by a popular online lawn service claims that less than 1% of Manitoba’s prime 6,000 km sq. of prairie grassland is left as at today.

Lawn owners and individuals who have expanses of grasslands are therefore encouraged to adopt preservative and sustainable practices that will improve the survival of our grasslands. An area like Texas has a lot of large grasslands that require tending to ensure its continued existence. The Great Plains covering this area are made up of a wide variety of ecological communities even though they have more of different grass types, shrubs and woody plants. For grassland owners in Texas, there are several professional Lawn Maintenance Texas services that specialize in grassland restoration and maintenance.

Changes in our climate can also attributed to factors like global warming and other human activity like burning of grassland, crop production, livestock grazing and urbanization. Global warming alone leads to an increase in the earth’s temperature which affects evaporation, patterns of rainfall and other metabolic activities grasses need to grow and develop optimally. Some grass types respond positively to some climate changes while others respond negatively to it.

For individuals interested in continual development and maintenance of your lawn, the best action to take is to consult the services of a lawn care service in that area. For example, if you are based in Dallas, contacting a lawn treatment service Dallas will be a better option to go for if you need professionals to take care of your grassland or lawn.