How to fix common lawn problems in Texas areas

How To Fix Common Lawn Problems In Texas Areas

Unfortunately for many lawn owners, owning a beautiful, healthy lawn is often fraught with some hard work and investment. By investment, we don’t mean just financial investment but also time, and resources too.

A number of problems can develop on your lawn even while using the best lawn care and maintenance services. It could be water availability, insect and pest infestation, disease attack, poor mowing culture and many more.

Lawn care problems can never be avoided completely but their occurrence can be limited to the barest minimum when you use any of the best lawn care services in Texas.

In this post, we have listed some common lawn problems in Texas areas and how to fix them. Read on below to get started:

  1. Dry, yellow or brown-looking grass

    When lawn grass starts looking drier and browner as the day goes by, poor water availability could just be the problem. This will be more apparent if you haven’t watered your lawn for a while.

    Without water, living things can’t survive for long and your lawn grass is no exception. Evaporation occurs easily and fast during the heat of the day and without proper watering, your lawn grass is bound to start turning brown and becoming dry.

    This poor condition can also be caused by disease or deficiency of nutrients. You will never know the actual cause until you bring in lawn care experts in Texas to inspect your lawn for you.

  2. Disease infestation

    Different diseases are known to attack the lawn grass when it is poorly maintained. A major culprit in this regard is the fungus disease which is known to quietly attack and take over a lawn before you know it.

    To fight this disease and others like it, you may need to consult with a lawn maintenance company near you so as to implement the best strategy on time.

    Fortunately, fungus disease and other plant diseases are not difficult to treat and can be handled by executing a few changes on your lawn care schedule.

  3. Thinning, poorly-growing grass

    You may notice that your lawn grass is growing thinly or poorly without any obvious cause of it in sight. When this happens, you might find yourself struggling to understand the situation. The way out of this is to consult a professional lawn care and maintenance services.

    The reason behind the poor growth could be caused by anything and because you lack the expertise to find out for yourself, you may find yourself at a loss for what to do. Usually, it is best you call in the professionals to handle the situation.

    Thinning, poorly-growing grass could be as a result of lack of sunshine, nutrients, toxicity from using synthetic fertilizers or even a poor watering schedule.

  4. Uneven grass growth

    If you notice that your lawn grass is growing at different height levels, there is a problem and it needs fixing. It could be attributed to a poor mowing culture where the mowing is not done properly.

    Mowing is best done when the mower blades are set to cut only a third of the grass height and in one direction only. Mowing too low or haphazardly should never be encouraged as it causes more problem for the grass and the owner who bears any expenses coming from rehabilitation.

    Uneven grass growth may also be caused by wrong use of fertilizers. It should always be evenly spread out across the lawn yard so that every area is touched.

    If fertilizer is not properly applied this way, some areas of the grass will gain more nutrients than others leading to an unevenly growing turf.

    For best results, get a trusted and reliable GoMow lawn maintenance company near you to do the job and do it well.

  5. Pest infestation especially when neglected at first

    Pests, in this case, refer to unwanted insects and animals living in your lawn. In small numbers, their presence and negative effects could be negligible on your grass.

    However, if left uncontrolled, these living organisms can multiply rapidly into hundreds or thousands causing havoc on your lawn yard.

    Examples of such unwanted pests include the white grub, sod webworm, caterpillars, aphids and chinch bugs which are all known to feed on roots and leaves alike. These pests can eat out your lawn grass in no time if left unchecked.

In addition, pests of this nature will usually attract their natural predators which may now appear on your lawn grass to prey on them. This best way out of this lawn problem is to apply organic pesticides on your lawn grass from time to time to keep it immune and potent against pest attack.

Weed infestation can also be a problem if your lawn grass isn’t growing as it should. A common solution is to grow your grass thickly to naturally choke off the weeds.

In conclusion, fixing law care issues can be handled yourself if you have experience in lawn care practices. For best results, however, nothing beats using a best lawn care service Texas!

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