Do You Know How Often You Should Mow a Growing Lawn in Dallas, Texas?

Do You Know How Often You Should Mow A Growing Lawn In Dallas, Texas?

The question, how often should you mow a growing lawn in Dallas, Texas is one that often comes to the mind of every new lawn owner. Not surprising when you consider how tasking lawn care on its own can be. If you’re looking to keep your growing lawn in the best shape possible, you might want to read this post as it will give you ideas on how often you need to mow your lawn.

What works for a particular species of grass might not work for another species of grass. Other factors that can affect mowing rate are soil condition, weather conditions, topography, etc. Therefore, it’s important to know what works for your grass and lawn in particular.

To know often you should mow your growing lawn in Dallas, Texas, continue reading below:

  1. Consider often mowing if your lawn yard has a species of grass that grows quite quickly. Certain grasses grow super-fast and a lawn mowing plan that incorporates a once-weekly mowing simply will not serve this market well. Bi-weekly mowing will be more suitable in this regard and should be implemented rather than any once-weekly mowing.
  2. Reduce mowing if you notice that the grass is drying out, yellowing or looking patchy. Too much of everything good can become bad. For lawn mowing in Dallas, too much mowing can become problematic. In a case like this, it’s imperative that the mowing rate is reduced to give the grass a chance of recovering before the next mowing schedule.
  3. During summer, mow long to prevent the sun’s heat from drying out the grass. The current season of the year will determine how often you mow. For instance, summer usually offers more chances to mow the lawn as there is more rapid growth. In this case, mowing can be done more often than normal to accommodate the increase. This is one of the reasons why you should work with professional lawn service in Dallas who have experience in lawn mowing and can determine with a good deal of accuracy on how often a lawn yard needs mowing.
  4. Mow your lawn according to its growth. This simply means that for grasses growing fast, you can mow them regularly and for grasses growing slowly, don’t mow as often. It sounds like common sense and should be implemented as such. The faster a lawn grows the more you mow and the less it grows, the less you mow it. For grass lawns that have been treated with fertilizer by a lawn care service in Dallas, leading to increased growth, regular mowing is mandatory to match the growth that comes with this treatment.
  5. Consider the ideal height for your specie of grass as every lawn grass has an ideal mowing height. The industry rule for proper lawn mowing is to cut only one-third of the grass height during mowing to keep the grass in solid, beautiful shape. Each type of grass looks and stays healthiest at a specific height. Set the mower blades at the proper height or have a professional from a Dallas lawn service to do this for you to avoid mistakes or accidents.
  6. Consult a professional lawn service in Dallas to carry out inspections on your lawn and deliver insights on how often your lawn needs mowing. Naturally, these guys are the best people to provide care for your lawn. Dallas lawn care services have the experience, expertise and equipment required to deliver superb lawn mowing on your lawn every week.

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