Do you know? April is National Lawn Care Month and GoMow provides the best lawn care services

Do You Know? April Is National Lawn Care Month And GoMow Provides The Best Lawn Care Services

Did you know Lawn Care has a special month marked for its celebration? Well, spring begins mostly in April and is known as the National Lawn Care Month. Not surprising considering the fact that lawn care activities usually pick up during this period.

At GoMow Lawn Mowing Service, Texas, we have picked out several tips to help you mark this special month as you commence lawn care. You will find this information truly valuable if having a healthy, green lawn is something you would really love to have.

As you may already know, having a superb-looking lawn yard isn’t difficult when you have an experienced lawn care service working for you. When you have a beautiful lawn, it can heighten your sense of well-being, pride as a property owner, improve the value of your asset and make you the envy of your neighbors, in a good way of course.

So having said all these, here are some tips to celebrate National Lawn Care month this April while keeping your lawn great!

1)Remove debris and waste from your lawn

Clearing dead leaves, grasses, branches and other wastes can give your lawn a fresh, new look in no time at all. Your lawn surface will look less cluttered and neater too. In addition, debris removal from the lawn frees up space for improved plant and soil metabolic activity.

Inorganic wastes can be picked by hand or packed with shovels and rakes if you have a small lawn. For average or large lawns, waste matter can be packed with mechanized equipment depending on their size.

2)Run soil tests to prepare it for the new grass care season

Check your soil at intervals for contamination especially if you are prone to chemical fertilizers or pesticides.

Your soil’s pH should be balanced around a range of 6 and 7 to enable your grass to grow in good health.

By checking your soil’s state, you should be able to tell if it lacks certain nutrients or components required to keep your lawn healthy and green. It is important to hire a professional lawn care service to handle your soil tests so as to avoid errors.

3)Mow your lawn moderate during this period

Cutting too low or too high isn’t advisable as far as lawn mowing is concerned. The rule of thumb is to cut only one-third of your lawn’s grass length. This will ensure that your lawn doesn’t look scalped or bushy either way.

To cut at the right height, first, make inquiries from your lawn care service on the recommended mowing height for your type of grass. Some grass types require mowing higher while others require lower.

In addition, setting your mower blade at the right level can help maintain your lawn grass at its recommended mowing height. In most cases, hiring a near you professional lawn mowing company will give your lawn a better treatment especially if you lack lawn mowing experience.

Contact us at GoMow Lawn Mowing Texas today to get started!

4)Consider using pre-emergent herbicides

To avoid weeds competing with your grass, you can use pre-emergent herbicides to keep them off before they germinate. Most pre-emergent solutions usually have a potency period lasting up to 6 months.

Before applying pre-emergent herbicides, read the instruction manuals to understand how it is applied to avoid abuse which might affect your grass. You can get a lawn care expert to help out if handling it yourself would be a problem.

5)Prepare your lawn equipment for lawn care season

Whether you plan to hire GoMow mowing experts or do your mowing yourself, getting your lawn care equipment ready for mowing season is necessary this spring. You can get started by cleaning your mower, sharpening or replacing the blades and greasing the mechanical parts requiring lubrication.

Your lawn grass will look the better for it when your mower blades are sharp and set at the right level. After each mowing session, clean up and pack away your lawn mower to a cool, dry place until the next time you need to mow again.

6)Contact GoMow Lawn Mowing to handle to your lawn care needs

We are an experienced lawn care company out of Texas and cover several service areas within the state. Our experience focuses on delivering quality lawn mowing to keep your lawn in the best shape possible at all times.

If giving your lawn yard the best spring lawn care treatment sounds like a great idea, then you owe it to yourself to make this happen. Your lawn will benefit greatly from GoMow Lawn Mowing’s superior mowing service.