Complete guide to lawn aeration in Austin, Texas for 2021

Complete Guide To Lawn Aeration In Austin, Texas For 2021

Aeration is an important aspect of lawn care because of its usefulness – it increases the package of air into the soil. With increased of air which contains oxygen and other essential elements, your grasses will perform better.

In this post, we have discussed a complete guide to lawn aeration in Austin, Texas for 2021.

If you are interested in aeration, this information will service as a guide in everything you need to know about it.

Aeration – Meaning

As we discussed earlier, aeration involves creating holes in the soil to increase the movement of air, water and essential nutrients in it. Aeration improves the growth of the grass by creating a healthier, more robust lawn.

It’s a means of eliminating compacted soil which is usually caused by too much foot traffic, heavy equipment on the lawn or debris and thatch. In fact, regularly cleaning the lawn will remove thatch and debris which can increase the chances of soil compaction.

When To Consider Aeration

If you’re looking to carry out aeration, the ideal time to get started is when the grass is still growing. You don’t want to aerate the soil when the grass is fully grown. Aeration should be done with cool season grass in early spring season or fall. If your lawn has warm season grass, do aeration during late spring.

The grass will be able to recover better during this time because it’s still in a growing stage.

What Types of Tools are Needed for Aeration?

To carry out aeration, certain types of tools are needed to make it happen. Below we have discussed some tools required to carry out aeration on your lawn.

For small lawn yards, you’d need tools like spades, shovels, garden forks, hand trowels and pitch forks.

These tools can be used to turn the soil or puncture holes in it to allow an increased movement of air, water and nutrients through it. If you’re looking at DIY lawn care, any one of these tools will come handy.

For large lawn yards, a plug aerator will be needed.

This tool is mechanized and actually removes a plug of soil thereby creating holes in the earth. Aerating tools can be rented from a lawn and garden shop for this task. Alternatively, you can hire a lawn care service to aerate your lawn yard.

How to Aerate Your Lawn Yard

If you’re certain that your lawn yards needs aeration, the tips listed below will be helpful to get best results.

  1. Ensure that the soil is moist before carrying out aeration. It can be difficult to aerate dry earth. Soak the soil with water before getting started for an easier aeration process.
  2. Make multiple passes across the surface of your lawn to ensure that the aerator has really perforated the soil deeply enough. Avoid unaffected areas to save time and energy.
  3. Break up the removed soil plugs before re-introducing it back into the soil.
  4. Continue regular lawn care activities after carrying out aeration on your lawn. Aeration doesn’t replace these practices. It enhances their effective on the soil.

Hiring a Lawn Care Service for Aeration

If you’re looking to hire a lawn care service that will carry our aeration on your lawn, make your inquiries diligently. It’s not enough to just hire a lawn care service, it’s important to make sure that they know what they’re doing. Check for reviews and recommendations before taking a shot.

Aeration is an important aspect of lawn care and maintenance which can turn things around when your lawn is not growing properly. If you own a lawn, consider carrying out aeration at least once a year.

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