Common Five Myths About Lawn Care In Austin TX

Common Five Myths About Lawn Care In Austin TX

Caring and maintaining lawns to look great isn’t an easy feat. It takes skill, hard work, and experience to keep your lawn beautiful and green for as long as possible. Of course, it’s easier when you hire a professional lawn mowing service in Austin like GoMow Lawn Mowing to provide quality lawn care. It’ll interest you to note that several myths come with lawn care and maintenance.

In this post, we have discussed five common myths about lawn care in Austin, TX, and how you can go about them. At the end of this expose, you will be able to distinguish the facts from the myths to know what works best for Austin lawn mowing.

Consistently having a rich, beautiful green lawn may not be easy but it’s possible and we are here to help make it happen by providing the best information on quality lawn care services in Austin.

  1. Take a break from lawn care in Winter

    Winters might be milder in Texas than in certain places up north but the misconception that you should take a break from winter lawn care is false. If you hired lawn care in Austin, TX, it’s best to let them continue mowing your grass even in winter. Texas winter is also dry at times which means that your grass might need some watering too.

    In addition to these, it’s advisable to feed the lawn just before the winter cold sets in and hardens the earth. Your grass is going to need more nutrients as its metabolism slows down during winter. Sure, you’d mow less but you can’t count out mowing completely. Winter lawn and maintenance also call for taking care of your equipment like mowers and their blades, aerators, diggers, garden forks, etc.

  2. Fertilizing in Early Spring

    It is common knowledge that most folks believe that the best time to fertilize the lawn is in early spring. This information is not entirely correct. Fertilizing the lawn with nutrient-rich feed is necessary whenever the lawn needs it. Usually, this could be during early spring, after a hard, hot summer, or just as winter is getting started (as fall is ending). The best lawn care tips for when to fertilize your lawn will come from a lawn service you use. They have the experience and knowledge to know what works best for your grass and when it needs to be fertilized.

  3. Grass lawn maintenance isn’t environmentally-friendly

    There’s a myth that is wrong in every way. According to this myth, the emissions from lawnmowers are harmful to the environment. Of course, this is a false one considering the statistics. We have many more cars than mowers if compared side by side so it’s not possible for this myth to be true. Your grass-cutting service will likely cut your lawn on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, which is too infrequent for it to be a problem in your neighborhood. Add this to the fact that many lawnmowers do not emit any dangerous gases too. Yes, some are electric mowers!

    Asides from noise, your lawnmowers are safe. A Lawn on its own keeps the environment safe. The vegetation absorbs rainwater, reduces glare, and improves the soil. Lawn grass stops erosion of the soil, improves its tone, and keeps it healthy too. Dust and pollen are also absorbed easily in an area with lots of green landscapes.

    It’s a known fact that areas with lawns and some greenery have cleaner air and are cooler to be in even on a hot day. Lawns are super friendly to the environment and any myth claiming otherwise is just that, a myth.

  4. Bag lawn clippings

    A common misconception in lawn mowing is to bag your grass clippings after your grass-cutting service attends to your lawn. The fear here is that leaving grass clippings could lead to thatch buildup which harms the grass in the long run. This information is wrong and there’s no risk of grass clippings forming thatch. On the contrary grass clippings when left on the lawn is beneficial to it.

    When searching for ‘affordable lawn care near me’, it’s important to confirm if they mow grass with a mulching mower. This type of lawn mower mulches the grass as it mows it thereby leaving finely-cut grass clippings on the lawn as it mows. When grass clippings are mulch-mowed like this, it decomposes quickly to enrich your lawn with essential nutrients because it is very rich in nutrients. Please do not bag your grass clippings, simply inform your lawn service in Austin to leave them on the lawn surface.

  5. Spiked shoes are great to aerate the lawn

    A school of thought claims wearing spiked shoes while mowing the lawn can also aerate the soil. As great as this sounds, it doesn’t work out that way. Spiked shoes are not effective for proper aeration because they’re simply not aeration tools. Equipment used for aeration is designed to do it properly by plugging the soil and breaking it up to become loose. Spiked shoes will pierce the soil but will not plug it. Spiked shoes can make the soil to become more compact.

    To enjoy cheap lawn care in Austin, TX is the ideal way to take care of your lawn yard. Taking care of the lawn might be tasking but it’s often best to work with an affordable lawn care service so you can keep your costs under budget.

At GoMow Lawn Care Service, we offer cheap lawn mowing in Austin committed to giving your lawn the best grass-cutting treatment. Enjoy our FREE estimate calculator to know how much it will cost you to have your lawn cut by our experienced personnel.

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