Best Grass Seed For Connecticut In Austin, TX?

Best Grass Seed For Connecticut In Austin, TX?

For homeowners whose property has lawns in Connecticut, Austin, knowing the best grass seed to plant is important to handle the harsh weather coming this winter. There are also vital information a homeowner should have access to ensure that their lawn yard gets the best lawn care in Austin.

Failure to put these steps into place means the lawn in question will experience unnecessary challenges that could have been avoided. While GoMow Lawn Care Service is dedicated to delivering excellent grass cutting and yard service in Austin, it is critically important that best grass seeds are planted in your Connecticut lawn.

What to Look Out for When Choosing the Best Grass Seeds

Knowing what to look out for when choosing the best grass seeds is important when starting a new lawn or renovating an existing one. Your ideal best grass seed should be meet the following features:

  • Drought resistant
  • Low maintenance
  • Disease resistant
  • Insect resistant
  • Sun loving
  • Shade loving
  • Minimal watering needed
  • Tough and resilient against harsh weather
  • Deep root growth and establishment

Please take note that the best grass seed to choose doesn’t have to meet every feature mentioned above. However, if a grass seed can offer most of the above features, then it can be said to be ideal for planting in your Connecticut lawn yard.

For best results, seek counsel and assistance from professional lawn care in Austin.

The Best Grass Seeds for Connecticut

Connecticut has a cool temperature and therefore requires cool season grasses for best results. Several grass species are perfect for this location, as your lawn service in Austin will likely inform you too.

Below are several grass seeds ideal for Connecticut:

  1. Kentucky Bluegrass

    Climates that are chilly are ideal for Kentucky bluegrass growth; this cold tolerance feature makes it an ideal fit for Connecticut. It grows densely and quickly once it reaches maturity. It’s beautiful, loves shade and, and has a pleasant texture.

    Kentucky Bluegrass isn’t a tough grass species and doesn’t do well with stress. Your lawn care in Austin will have to be on point if you choose this particular species of grass. It requires more maintenance than other grass types and can be a healthy resident for insects.

  2. Tall Fescue

    Tall fescue is an ideal cool season grass to grow on lawn yards. It has an extensive root structure that allows it to withstand high temperatures while preserving its green color even after extended exposure to direct sunshine.

    Tall Fescue has outstanding tolerance to salt and can survive harsh weather conditions in addition to incredible amounts of exposure. Unfortunately, as awesome as Tall Fescue is, it is easily affected by a fungal infection known as gray leaf spot disease. Tall Fescue has one of the best grass seeds anyone can choose for their lawn yard.

  3. Perennial Ryegrass

    Perennial Ryegrass is a tough cold season grass that tolerates shade, resists disease and can withstand insect infestation. Not so great at handling cold, but Perennial Ryegrass survives enough to make it an option for lawn owners in cold season regions. It requires minimal maintenance and loves the sun.

  4. Zoysia Grass

    Zoysia is lush, beautiful and tough. It will grow perfectly well in both cold and warm season zones. Zoysia has one of the best grass seeds that most homeowners will wish to have. It is sun-loving, shade-resistant, grows fast and requires professional help to keep it properly, which means you need to have a yard service in Austin at the speed dial.


Choosing the best grass seed for your property in Connecticut, Austin requires due diligence. Our lawn mowing service in Austin, GoMow Lawn Care Service provides affordable lawn mowing dedicate to giving your lawn the best look in the neighborhood.

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