All About Weed and Feed Lawns in Texas by GoMow

All About Weed And Feed Lawns In Texas By GoMow

Owning a lawn comes with the responsibility of caring for it properly. Without adequate lawn care, you can be certain that your lawn yard will become a mess over a period of time. Some of the lawn activities to take seriously other than mowing are weeding and feeding the right way. In this post, we have discussed the best time to weed and feed lawn in Texas using a product as a Weed and Feed solution.

You can weed and feed in Texas without worries when you know exactly how to go about it. That is the purpose of this write-up from GoMow Lawn Care Services!

Best Time to Weed and Feed in Texas

Let’s say you want to weed and feed your Texas lawn but not sure when the ideal time is, it will interest you to know that it’s spring season. The reason for this isn’t far-fetched; spring is the season of new growth. Grass that has been dormant all through the winter cold is finally growing again and requires nutrients. Therefore, fertilizer feeding is crucial at this time.

However, as grass is blooming once again, weeds seedlings aren’t left out. Weeds will take root once again just as grass seedlings are growing too. There are nutrient products containing herbicides that prevent weed germination while encouraging grass growth. Known as Weed and Feed in Texas, ensure application is once or twice and far in-between in a year to avoid harming your grass with it. Used wrongly, Weed and Feed can harm other vegetation as well.

So, the best time to apply weed and feed in Texas is spring season!

Weed and Feeding Lawn

Yes, this is a name of a product designed to carry out two functions at once. While it takes out weed, it’s also efficient at improving lawn growth and development. Specifically targeting broad leaf weeds, Weed and Feed contains 2,4-D or MCPP and Dicamba solution.

The fertilizer part of it contains Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium in different combinations. When used correctly, Weed and Feed is effective at improving grass development while eliminating weeds completely. However, it’s important to note that it is not potent against crabgrass because this specie of grass is a grass and not a weed.

Concerns to Note When Weeding and Feeding Lawn

If weeding and feeding your lawn the right way without issues interests you as it should, we have outlined some essential concerns to note while at it.

  • Ensure there’s no contact with your eyes when applying the product. If exposed to it, wash eyes with water for 10 minutes or more
  • Store weed and feed product in a safe place where kids or pests cannot get to it. If abused, this compound can cause death.
  • Wear protective clothing when handling feed or weed killers. Consider long pants, long shirts, boots, gloves and eye goggles to protect yourself.
  • Follow manual instructions to be certain there are no risks of abuse while using product
  • Keep people off the lawn until it’s safe for anyone to be on it. After treating your lawn to weeding and feeding, water thoroughly to facilitate permeability and dispersal of nutrients.

Benefits of Using Weed and Feed

We have discussed the benefits of using weed and feed in Texas for lawn care purposes. Check these advantages out:

  • Ease of application
  • Eliminates weeds effectively
  • Adds essential nutrients to the lawn soil
  • Offers two different functions during use

Disadvantages of Using Weed and Feed

While using and weed and feed products is mostly great, there are some demerits that come from using them on your lawn. In our experience, these are concerns to look out for when using weed and feed on your lawn.

  • Chemical use can be dangerous when used excessively
  • Destructive to other vegetation if abused
  • Timing is important for it to be effective. Used at the wrong time and efficiency will be below par.

Using weed and feed can be a little bit daunting the first time. Therefore, it might be a good idea to seek professional help to handle it. Consider hiring a lawn care service in Texas with a good reputation if you decide to use this solution.

Types of Weed and Feed

Weed and Feed products come in different categories. Also, how they work might differ slightly across multiple product options. Below are some types to look out for:

Pre-emergent Weed & Feed

Easily the most used weed and feed product, Pre-emergent solutions eradicate weeds right before germination. Grass enjoys nutrient feeding on the other hand when it’s in use.

Post-emergent Weed & Feed

This type of solution affects already germinated weed seeds. When used, it kills the weed on the surface level or by contact from within while feeding the grass roots with nutrients.

Water-based Weed & Feed

When water-soluble or water-based feeds are used, their absorption and efficiency is easy to notice. This solution is rapid and effective for managing lawns in areas with frequent rainfall.

Slow -Release Weed & Feed

As the name implies, this type of fertilizer releases nutrients into the soil in little doses over a period of time. Usually made from organic compounds, slow-release fertilizers are rich in nutrients and a must-have product for lawns that receive a lot of sun.

An Easy Schedule for Weed & Feed Application

The effectiveness of weed and feed application is closely-tied to timing. From what is known from various use cases, the schedule below is ideal for weed and feed application:

Late February – Early March

Apply Pre-emergent weed killers to tackle weeds

Mid March – Mid April

Introduce fertilizer to improve soil quality

Early September – Early October

Apply fall fertilizer and re-introduce Pre-emergent weed killers a second time

Using Weed and Feed in Texas has proven over time to be effective in dealing with feeds while also nourishing lawn soil. However, it’s important to know that it’s generally made with chemicals that can be dangerous when abused. Hiring a lawn care service in Texas where experience is lacking is the ideal approach to use solutions such as weed and feed.

For your lawn mowing needs, contact GoMow Lawn Care Service to experience a professional mowing session from lawn experts who know what they’re doing.

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