5 Surprising Environmental Benefits of Your Lawn

5 Surprising Environmental Benefits Of Your Lawn

It will interest many homeowners to know that having a lawn comes with several environmental benefits. Every homeowner should have a lawn because only then can a lot more people tell the difference it makes by having one. Lawns are amazing, from beautifying your home, to acting as a sort of drainage, to providing a play space for the kids and pets, etc. The benefits of lawn ownership on the environment are worth the effort involved in its care and maintenance.

When your property has a lawn beside it, you gain in these 5 surprising ways.

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  1. Reduces the level of noise pollution in your neighborhood

    Lawns act as a sort of environmental noise insulation in small towns or suburbs. Residential areas with a lot of vegetation have an insulated feel to them, compared to a city area with little to no vegetation or lawn yards. Hard surfaces throw sound energy around, amplifying it, causing the noisy atmosphere often found in the cities. In small towns with lots of lawn grass, there is less echoing of noisy sounds because the vegetation insulates it better. Noise pollution is an environmental problem and lawn grass can help in reducing its effect on living things.

  2. Purifies the air by trapping CO2 and releasing rich Oxygen

    Areas with a lot of lawn space and vegetation generally have a fresh smell. The air in such areas is often fresh, clean and cool. Plants take in carbon dioxide for their metabolic activities while releasing Oxygen is a byproduct. Humans and other lower animals take in Oxygen while releasing CO2. It’s therefore safe to say that one benefit of lawn is the fresh, rich oxygen it releases into the atmosphere for other living things. Lawns and other plants will not only trap CO2, they also clean the air by reducing dust, pollen and other foul air pollutants. Locations with good vegetation have cleaner air for breathing.

  3. Reduces incidents of water runoff by providing flood control

    Having a lawn will reduce incidents of water runoffs on your land. Without lawn grass, fast-flowing water from rain or storms will carry off top soil and destroy the topography of a yard over time. This benefit of grass in a yard is a crucial one for homes or structures in hilly landscapes. Lawn grass will stop or at least minimize the flow of water, allowing it to soak into the ground rather than run off. Residents in a flood-prone area will benefit greatly from having a lawn that can help trap excess water during storms. Erosion and leaching are less common when there are lawns and close-growing vegetation on the soil surface.

  4. Cools your environment more

    This is a really good benefit of grass yards being part of a home residence. It’s noticeably cooler in areas with good vegetation. The reason isn’t far-fetched; lawn grass will absorb a lot of heat energy from the sun’s heat and atmosphere, leaving the environment cooler. City areas with less vegetation are often warmer than locations with lots of grasslands and trees on them. A cooler temperature could mean you pay less cost to power ACs and fans to keep your environment cool and comfortable. Vegetation like trees will provide shade during the hot summer afternoons when staying outside is fun but being in the sun isn’t so much.

  5. Breaks down organic materials and improve soil

    Lawn yards are effective at breaking down and using organic compounds as nutrients. For instance, instead of buying fertilizer, one of the benefits of a lawn is its use as a means to dispose of safe organic waste. Such wastes could be fallen leaves, shrubs, sticks etc. Already-mown grass by your lawn mowing service can also serve as organic feed for the lawn. The overall breakdown of organic matter aided by the lawn improves the soil after several years.

    Yards with long-term lawns often have rich soil, thanks to years of organic metabolic activities on it. Such soil will have a healthy microbial life, adequately-deep water system, enhanced water infiltration and an improved soil structure.

    These 5 surprising benefits are some of the perks that come with lawn ownership. There’s a lot more to gain from owning one apart from the beautiful feeling it gives. You can consult with lawn care services in your area to know which grass type is ideal for your location if you want to give lawn ownership a try. Its benefit far outweighs any concern anyone might have about it.

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