12 Things You Need To Do To Your Lawn Care In Dallas, TX For 2021

12 Things You Need To Do To Your Lawn Care In Dallas, TX For 2021

Many home owners love the idea of owning a lawn until it’s time for lawn care and maintenance. If you want your grass always to look green, healthy and in good shape, it’s almost a certainty that you just have to hire a lawn service in your area to take care of it.

For Dallas residents in need of Dallas lawn care, we have discussed in clear details the 12 things you need to do to your lawn care in Dallas, TX for 2021.

Though simple, these tips are super-important in making sure your lawn looks gorgeous always.

  1. Don’t Mow Too Low

    A lot of lawn owners make the mistake of mowing their lawn too low – this is called scalping. It’s always better to leave the lawn grass a little bit long especially during summer when the sun is hotter than ever. By training and experience, your Dallas lawn service of choice would know the best mowing practices to keep your grass in good shape. Thick, high grass will protect your soil from too much evaporation and infestation by weeds and pests.

  2. Hydrate your lawn deeply

    For that rich, fresh green look, your lawn grass needs deep watering at least twice a week. Discuss with your lawn care service in Dallas, TX on a schedule that will be most beneficial to you. To check your water level if it’s deep enough, place a small can of about 4-6 inches to see if it’s filled up with water or not after watering.

  3. Keep your mower blades sharp

    Sharp mower blades make for a smooth mowing experience during your weekly mowing. Your lawn yard will look the better for it when the blade is sharp and cuts cleanly through the grass. Dull blades stress the grass by tearing and chomping on it rather than cut cleanly. When cut with a dull blade, a grass lawn will often look uneven and messy to the eyes.

  4. Time your watering activity

    The time of day when you apply water to the lawn is important as it affects the usage by the grass.

    Watering in the morning is by far, the most effective time for plants.

    Absorption and usage are at their highest during this time as there’s little heat from the sun. The hours of 6 – 10 am are the best watering hours with less evaporation.

  5. Treat pests and insects

    Regular inspection will help you identify pests and insects on time before they do much harm. Treat your lawn once you notice signs of pest and insect infestation on your lawn. Pests and insects include moles, voles, snakes, grubs, termites, ants, weevils and beetles.

  6. Aerate your soil to remove clumps

    Over time, lawn soil will get clogged together making it difficult for the passage of nutrients, air and water. Aeration is the answer for such compacted soil and should be done at least once a year, usually after summer or winter. To properly aerate your soil, book a session with a lawn care company in Dallas that offers aerating services. These guys will usually have the tools and work experience to do a great job of it compared to when you do it yourself.

  7. Eradicate weeds quickly

    Weeds cause problems for grass by competing with it for food and other essential resources. It’s important to treat your lawn to be free from weed. Remove large weeds by uprooting by hand and apply a pre-emergent or post-emergent weed killer as the case may be. If you plan to introduce chemical weed killers, we encourage seeking professional help for the best results.

  8. Look out for browning or dying spots

    Browned or dead spots on your lawn could signify the deficiency of nutrients or some other essential resources which the grass isn’t getting. Investigate the cause of the browning or dead spot then look into it by hiring a professional lawn care service in Dallas to correct the issue. Sometimes, dead spots could be caused by leaving heavy items on the lawn for long periods. Avoid parking cars and other heavy objects on the lawn.

  9. Avoid mowing when the grass is wet

    Mowing when the grass is wet is not just harmful to the grass but it could be risk for you too. Something as unexpected as slipping on the grass turf can lead to injuries. Wet grass usually clogs together to form a thick, impenetrable cluster.

    The best time to mow is when the sun must have dried any moisture left o it. GoMow Lawn Mowing, Dallas offers an amazing mowing experience when they mow lawn.

  10. Avoid fertilizer application unless necessary

    Fertilizers are essential nutrient replacement resources but its application should only be done when necessary. The preferred type of fertilizer needed should be organic. This type of fertilizer does more good than harm when introduced to the lawn. Use of chemical or synthetic fertilizers should be avoided at all costs. For best results when your grass needs fertilizers, consult a nearby Dallas lawn service to provide assistance.

  11. Consider reseeding

    Reseeding is important for lawn care as it helps reinvigorate the growth of the grass where needed. Reseeding should be done during spring as the lawn grass is about starting a new growth cycle. Only reseed the lawn on the areas where the grass appears to be growing sparsely. Of course, this should happen after the cause of the thin growth of grass has been identified and treated.

  12. Hire a lawn care service to avoid errors

    Nothing beats using the services of a professional lawn care service in the Dallas area especially when you are a resident. You get to enjoy experienced lawn care and maintenance that will keep your grass healthy and beautiful. Using a lawn care service means you avoid mistakes and give your grass the best treatment it deserves.

    GoMow Lawn Mowing, Dallas, Texas offers a professional mowing service in Dallas for lawn owners in the area.